I was born in a small city and married in a young age.

During my youth, I used to be an excellent student and a big sport’s fan, holding a national championship medal in ping-pong game. After that, I devoted my whole life to my family, raising two beautiful boys. All the same, I never let go of my dream on becoming a certified nurse, at some point in the future.  

Six years ago, after my boys were all grown up; that chance seemed to approaching me. With my family hesitation and just my strong desire to have a job outside home, I started the first job in my life, as an auxiliary in dialysis. I did not have idea what working in dialysis was like; I just needed that job. At first I was overwhelmed by the personal histories of the patients, but gradually I learned how to be more detached and professional, but with a warming heart for providing care for our patients. The clinic and management team were the best supporters I could wished. Within few months, I was promoted as nurse assistant. Teamed up with the Vlora clinic team, I tried my best to be excellent, learning as much as I could. Being closer to the nurse job, my dream awaken. Eventually, two years ago, I started my college studies in Nursing and I will be graduate next year. It will be my pleasure and delight to join the Diaverum nursing team in the near future. 

I found Diaverum, a company who cares for its people, in a very sensitive moment in my life. My inexhaustible feeling of fostering my personal development fit in with Diaverum True Care Culture. I absolutely love what I do and constantly seek for walking the extra mile. Me working as a nurse will finally be my extra mile, for the moment. The future will bring me greater challenges. I feel I am the vivid spirit of my team, our people and truly believe ‘’we are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other’’.  – Vala Afshar